Our Team

Jack Craine

Global Sales Consultant

Jack is a seasoned business professional with a track record in building and managing large scale sales force operations. Having spent his early career in the UK, Jack gained invaluable experience working and delivering start up projects in India, Africa, and the Middle East, where he lived for 16 years and co-founded a successful Training Company focused on providing key sales and leadership skills for businesses across the whole region.

Training has always been at the heart of Jack’s success and his passion for inspiring and motivating those he works with characterises his style of communication and the way he forges connections with people. Jack utilises every opportunity to engage, energise, and empower those he meets, and loves to share his extensive internationally nurtured sales and commercial experience in a fun and energetic way.

Jack has a penchant for being a tech savvy early adopter and has dedicated time into learning about the blockchain and investing in the Crypto space, where he is now an educator to help build awareness, understanding of the benefits the blockchain and how it will revolutionize the way that we live and work. His passion for sharing knowledge also led him to create his own life and business skills free learning channel on YouTube.

As an educator, Jack believes passionately about the value and importance of learning from our past, our present, and into the future and ARtGlass is the perfect conduit for this to happen.

Jack is an internationally accredited PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner, a fully certified High Performance Learning practitioner from the Brinkerhoff institute and a Certified Intercultural Intelligence practitioner.