ARtGlass is the world’s leading creator of wearable Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for museums and historic buildings, archaeological sites and battlefields, cityscapes and parks, and attractions and theme parks. Founded by cultural heritage experts and leading technologists, we provide the knowledge, tools, and support you need to create distinguishing immersive experiences for your site.

By layering 3D images, videos, models, text, and 360-degree audio over views of real-world objects and places, we transport visitors on interactive journeys through time and space. The result is a “magic” experience that is entertaining and evocative.

Our tour design software is largely proprietary, patent-protected, and battle-tested through millions of uses. Our apps detect objects and visitors’ movements, without reliance on Wi-Fi. We are best known for our groundbreaking wearable experiences, deployed on hands-free, transparent smartglasses, and we also design tours for tablets and cell phones.

ARtGlass helps our clients transform the storytelling experience for their customers, distinguishing them from their competition, drawing new and returning visitors, and generating increased revenues.

With millions of satisfied users at dozens of premier cultural sites and attractions around the world, ARtGlass has proven its ability to create memorable stories and unforgettable guest experiences.

We are a company of firsts

ARtGlass is the first company in the world to:

Scale wearable AR experiences enjoyed by the general public (millions of site visitors)

Scale AR within cultural sites and attractions (70+ iconic deployments)

Pair a wearable AR experience with taste (world’s largest wine expo)

Bring a long-term wearable AR touring experiences to:

Deploy a wearable AR experience: