ARtGlass FAQs

What is ARtGlass?

ARtGlass is the world’s leading provider of wearable augmented reality experiences for arts and cultural sites. ARtGlass tours offer an unforgettable visitor experience. Our mixed reality tours on smart glasses include 3D and fully immersive augmented reality and mixed reality experiences with dynamic holograms, historical videos, 360° panoramas, and surround sound audio.

What is wearable augmented reality?

Wearable AR employs hands-free smartglasses to transmit 3D content to the user’s vision, as opposed to a “hands-full” device like a smartphone or tablet, where content is perceived as 2D.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is the overlay of images, video, and text onto one’s view of the real physical world through a technological device. Note that when using AR, place matters. Virtual reality (VR) implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. ARtGlass does not provide VR tours, but it can offer Mixed Reality (MR) experiences that blend VR and AR techniques.

What is ARtGlass' special combination offering?

The ARtGlass team combines AR technological prowess with deep expertise in the subject matter of cultural heritage and tourism. Our team knows how to create compelling storytelling experiences in the distinctive context of art and historical sites. Our technology is a powerful tool that allows us to draw greater attention to and understanding of the site’s important content. Moreover, our software is completely proprietary—we rely on no third-party components—so we’re always able to ensure the longevity of the tours created at each site.

Where are ARtGlass offices located?

Our headquarters is in Richmond, Virginia, and we have an office near Milan, Italy.

What makes an ARtGlass-enabled tour superior to a docent guided tour?

ARtGlass tours and regular docent-guided tours can be highly complementary. Docents can lead a tour and incorporate ARtGlass’ AR technology as part of the experience. For sites that do not have full time docents, ARtGlass tours empower visitors to proceed at their own pace while still having access to the information provided during a docent-guided tour (including a hologram of the docent herself). Also, augmented reality can make elements of a tour “come alive” in ways that conventional tours cannot. For instance, at an ARtGlass site a tour can be given by multiple historical characters associated with a site, each contributing their perspective to the visitor’s experience.

Data and Tech FAQs

What makes an ARtGlass-enabled tour superior to an audio-guided tour?

An ARtGlass tour is superior to an audio-guided tour because an ARtGlass tour has both compelling audio and dynamic 3D visual elements, engaging more of the visitors’ senses in powerful ways. Our customers show us that visitors using AR learn more and are more excited by the experience—and thus more likely to return and recommend it to others.

Who buys and provides the smartglasses hardware to visitors?

There are no hardware costs passed on to the sites. ARtGlass purchases and provides the smartglasses at each site and assists in maintenance and upgrades. ARtGlass will refresh smartglasses as the hardware options change and innovate over time.

Who manages the ARtGlass proprietary tour-design software?

ARtGlass manages the tour design software in partnership with the site. This allows the site’s team to focus on what they do best—developing the most compelling content for story-telling—while we handle the technical elements of the experience design. ARtGlass will also license the technology and train site staff for an additional fee.

How frequently can ARtGlass make additions and improvements to an ARtGlass experience once it is deployed at a site?

As frequently as is needed to keep the experience accurate and fresh.

Can ARtGlass tours be inside, outside, or both?

ARtGlass offers the only wearable AR technology that works outside and inside.

Can the tours be tailored to visitors of different ages and who speak different languages?

ARtGlass can tailor experienced to fit multiple audiences and languages based on your site’s needs.

What Smartglass hardware does ARtGlass use for it's tours?

The beauty of our proprietary technology is that it can work across the multiple smartglasses brands available commercially. Most frequently we deploy Epson’s Moverio smartglasses, and we work closely with Epson’s team to ensure synergy between our operating system and each next generation of the hardware.

Can ARtGlass capture useful date from the visitors' ARtGlass tours?

Yes, ARtGlass captures all behavioral data from the tours enabling rich analytics. For instance, we can help you determine which parts of the experience visitors find most compelling and use that data to inform future designs. This big data can be used in many applications including proximity marketing. For example, if a visitor spends an above average amount of time looking at an exhibit, our glasses can use this information to suggest a sale in the site gift shop.