Pompeii Archaeological Park

Pompeii, Italy

Project Details

Customer Problem

The vast archaeological site of Pompeii includes much of the ancient Roman city. In many cases, the current state of the ruins can make it difficult for visitors to recognize what different structures were before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The size of the site also makes self-guided tours a challenge, with visitors often getting lost or being unable to see the main parts of the site within a reasonable amount of time.

ARtGlass Deployment

ARtGlass’ guided tour of the site helps visitors optimize their visit to Pompeii while containing it to within half a day. The use of smartglasses allows visitors to gain a full understanding of and appreciation for the original architecture and appearance of different parts of the site. Also, through ARtGlass’ synchronized technology devices, groups of visitors can interact with the site and see all the same content and hear the guide’s narrative simultaneously.

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