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Project Details

Solution Type: Indoor/Outdoor Guided Tour

Customer Problem: The Pompeii site is very vast as it includes a good part of the ancient city. The size of the site makes the self-guided tour very difficult. Furthermore, the ruins do not always allow the visitors to recognize the original urban structure and therefore very often they risk getting lost, having a visit time too long and not seeing the main points of interest of the site.

ARtGlass Deployment

The guided tour is a good solution for tourists who intend to optimize their visit and contain it within half a day. Furthermore, the use of AR GLASSES allows to have a full awareness of the original architecture of the places. ARtGlass technology has allowed the creation of a tour for groups of visitors who move around the site together and who, thanks to a synchronization device, can see all the same contents and listen to the guide’s story.

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Indoor/Outdoor Self Led Tour

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Project Details

Customer Problem

Mount Vernon is known for its mansion tours but needed a way to tell the broader story of the property and its residents without having to alter the physical appearance of their iconic landscape.

ARtGlass Deployment

Mount Vernon in AR was an hour-long AR tour that covered stories about Mount Vernon and the people who lived there. We were able to fill in long-standing narrative gaps, such as telling the stories of enslaved people, by projecting greenscreens of costumed historical interpreters back onto the landscape, allowing guests to see and hear from this historically voiceless group. Using highly detailed 3D models, we were also able to tell the story of the evolution of the mansion while standing directly in front of it, a feat that can only truly come to life by means of this technology.

“The augmented reality tour enables us to do things we cannot do every day: show primary sources next to places and objects, do large-scale reenactments of key events, and take guests back through time to show them what Mount Vernon looked like throughout Washington’s entire lifetime.”

— Matt Briney, VP of New Media

Case Study

The Pisa Tower Square

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