Case Study


Project Details

Solution Type: Indoor/Outdoor Guided Tour

Customer Problem: The Pompeii site is very vast as it includes a good part of the ancient city. The size of the site makes the self-guided tour very difficult. Furthermore, the ruins do not always allow the visitors to recognize the original urban structure and therefore very often they risk getting lost, having a visit time too long and not seeing the main points of interest of the site.

ARtGlass Deployment

The guided tour is a good solution for tourists who intend to optimize their visit and contain it within half a day. Furthermore, the use of AR GLASSES allows to have a full awareness of the original architecture of the places. ARtGlass technology has allowed the creation of a tour for groups of visitors who move around the site together and who, thanks to a synchronization device, can see all the same contents and listen to the guideā€™s story.

Watch the Pompeii Reel