World Leader in Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage Sites Launches in US

For Immediate Release–

Washington, DC – May 3, 2017 – The world’s leading company for wearable augmented reality tours at cultural heritage sites today launched in the United States. ARtGlass will introduce its proprietary technology to several historical sites in Virginia, with plans to scale up nationwide in the next 12 months. Cofounder and CEO Greg Werkheiser stated, “We are pleased to kick things off in the Commonwealth, where so much early American history took shape. And we’re ready to partner with entrepreneurial cultural sites nationwide.”

ARtGlass brings proven expertise crafting exciting visitor experiences, having deployed tours at twenty-five cultural sites in Europe over the past twenty-four months. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have reported an average 98% satisfaction rating with their ARtGlass tour experiences, which employ smart glasses and audio to transform the visitor experience with time-machine effects, virtual tour guides, holograms, and other cutting-edge features.

Unencumbered by clumsy handheld devices, ARtGlass users are free to roam through augmented environments, indoors and out, without barriers between them and the story unfolding before their eyes. Cultural sites come alive, attracting Millennial visitors, improving educational outcomes, and generating buzz for heritage destinations.

Werkheiser remarked, “More than one billion visits to cultural sites in the US occur every year—more than all professional sporting events and theme parks combined. ARtGlass provides a competitive edge to help sites attract a sustainable stream of tourists excited to visit and return.”

The ARtGlass team’s early success in the fast-moving AR field is rooted in its combination of talented technologists with the know-how to stay on the leading edge of AR and specialists in public engagement at historical, museum, and cultural sites. CEO Greg Werkheiser and COO Marion Werkheiser are also founders of Cultural Heritage Partners, the leading law and professional services firm serving the cultural heritage sector globally. Marion remarked, “The trusting relationships we have built over twenty years in the cultural heritage field are already opening doors for ARtGlass at premier US sites. Folks know we push the envelope for the right reasons, and we’ll treat their relationship with their visitors with knowledge, passion, and care.”