Our Team

Lauren Jensen

Chief Commercial Officer

As ARtGlass’s Chief Commercial Officer, Lauren Jensen is committed to democratizing access to the arts and augmented storytelling, keeping them within reach for everyone. She has had extensive interactions with cultural institutions globally in her past roles at Art Processors and Antenna International. Specializing in human rights and cultural studies, Lauren obtained her dual degrees in International Affairs and Russian Language and Literature, along with a minor in Classical Studies from the University of Georgia.

Lauren resides in Atlanta, GA, and is the Co-Chair of the Metro Atlanta Chapter of ArtTable, a premier organization committed to promoting women’s leadership in visual arts.

Lauren has always been captivated by science, art, and humanities. Collaborating with a broad spectrum of cultural sites feels like the perfect way for her to utilize her talents to further their missions. She feels privileged to be able to direct her varied interests towards assisting a diverse client base in narrating their stories in a more immersive way. For Lauren, acknowledging different learning styles and preferences is crucial, and she believes that augmented reality presents an excellent opportunity for multi-sensory experiences that foster empathy and engagement.