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Are you looking to enliven your collections and surprise your guests? TourBuilder, our newly updated do-it-yourself augmented reality creation software, enables your staff to produce dynamic, interactive, location-based AR tours with no special knowledge required. Write scripts, animate content, and publish awe-inspiring experiences to any device all without ever leaving the platform.

Feature Highlights

Fully Online Platform

Access and edit tours from anywhere

Hardware Agnostic

Publish tours and updates to phones, tablets, and headsets with a single click


No coding or animation experience needed


Incorporate 3D models, 360 panoramas, layered videos, holograms, interactives, and more

Handy Support

Learn quickly with built-in tutorials, example projects, and our tour building wizard

Broad Application

Use for outdoor walking tours, indoor museums, trade shows, attractions, and more 

Our TourBuilder Platform is…


By layering 3-D images, video, models, holograms, text, and audio over real-world objects and places, our software helps transports visitors on interactive journeys through time and space that wow visitors emotionally and intellectually.


You don’t need a degree in programming to use TourBuilder. It’s completely code-free. Upload, arrange, and animate content, create triggers, and publish your tour all without leaving the platform. Our built-in animator and guides allow your in-house staff to create dynamic, budget-friendly experiences that are a breeze to update.


TourBuilder enables you to design tours for any device, including smartglasses, tablets and phones, but we are the leader in tours on the most technically challenging and immersive hardware—transparent AR smartglasses. Our tours can be both guided and unguided, delivered indoors and outside. 


Millions of paying cultural tourists have been thrilled by experiences developed with our software and know-how. Our approach is battle-tested and optimized for use by cultural site staff.


Our pioneering software and strategies have earned protection under multiple patents.

TourBuilder Pro

Need advanced features? Meet TourBuilder Pro

TourBuilder Pro has all the great features of TourBuilder with additional advanced tools that will take your experiences to the next level.

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