About Us

ARtGlass is the world’s leading provider of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences to the experience economy, including museums/historic sites, theme parks, attractions, and entertainment venues, tourism companies, and trade shows and promotional events. Founded by leading technologists and cultural heritage experts, ARtGlass helps our clients transform the storytelling experience for their customers, distinguishing our clients from their competition, drawing new and returning visitors, and generating increased revenues.


By layering 3-D images, video, models, and text and 360 degree audio over views of real world objects and places, we transport visitors on interactive journeys through time and space. The result is a “magic” experience that is immersive, entertaining, and educational.


Our easy-to-use tour design software is 100% proprietary, patent protected, and battle-tested through millions of uses. Our app detects objects and visitors’ movements, without reliance on Wi-Fi. We are best known for our groundbreaking wearable experiences, deployed on handsfree, transparent smartglasses, and we also design experiences for tablets and phones.

“The augmented reality tour enables us to do things we cannot do every day: show primary sources next to places and objects, do large-scale reenactments of key events, and take guests back through time to show them what Mount Vernon looked like throughout Washington’s entire lifetime.”

— Matt Briney, VP of New Media

With more than two million satisfied users at dozens of premier cultural sites and attractions, ARtGlass has proven its ability to perform and thrill. Contact us now to learn how we may augment your site by creating memorable stories and unforgettable guest experiences.